Edge glued panels


"Luseni" is also producing edge glued panels of pine wood which are used for production of furniture, staircases, window sills, doors and other products.

We offer A-A quality knotless panels with fixed (solid) lamellas and panels with finger jointed lamellas, which are obtained by gluing together knotless and defect-free lamellas via wedge jointing.

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Main characteristics

Wood species pine (Pinus Sylvestris L.)
Quality A-A | A-A blue stained
Dimensions Thickness (h) 16 - 60 mm
Width (w) 150- 1200 mm
Length (L) up to 5000 mm
Lamellas solid (no joints)
finger jointed
platne anim zobi virsma a)finger joints on surface
platne anim zobi virsma
platne anim slipa svitra b) slant line on surface
platne anim slipa svitra
platne mebelu c) straight line on surface (furniture joint)
platne mebelu
Min. distance between finger joints ( f ) 15cm | 20cm
Lamella width ( b ) 24-50mm
Moisture content 8 ± 2 % | 12 ± 2 %
Glue D4 stress group according to DIN EN 204
Sanding grit P 80 - 120
Production capacity 100 m3 / month