None of wood-processing processes is imaginable without sawdust, and also this by-product is included in „Luseni” product range. We offer both sawdust and shavings.

Fresh sawdust

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This product is obtained during primary woodworking processes while sawing logs into boards.

Main characteristics

Wood species pine (Pinus Sylvestris L.)
Moisture content 35 – 55 % * depends on season
Technical characteristics in accordance with testing made by "Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute" ( pdf ) :
Fractions 0,1 - 3,15 mm
Density 220 kg / m3
Moisture content 41 %
Ash content 0,1 %
Gross calorific value 5,769 MWh/ t
Net calorific value 2,905 MWh / t
Production capacity 900 m3 / month